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I'm Falling down a rabbit hole of darkness every time turned around I was in a very horrible crisis that I can't get out of it all started last week when I was trying to figure out who was I really and I'm a sixteen years old girl who have so much adventures but this adventures will be bloody and scare for me to tell you will it started out like another day at PENNVILLE a little town called Fall-Woods and the story was going to end with me...dying for my life saving others from creatures that I know when I was nine years old...(reminder watch the countdown on each and every chapters they will change some how)

Chapter 1 My name is April


The time is now 6:19 in the morning and I got up from the warm covers blanket on my bed in a peach color bedroom like a clear color bedroom color I'm sixteen years old girl who was a adventurer loving to adventures around different worlds inside my head dreaming of going there with a thought of every hour on the hour but I dreams are not like that no more they are horror thoughts badly. When I was nine years old girl sitting down to watch the Disney's Alice in Wonderland I was thinking how cool it will be to go to a place like that so I did dream up a world that I can called my 'Wonderland' but it was nice before I grow up to be a teenager and leaving my happy dreams away from my own mind but one of my close best friends who exactly a boy named Tray who was into adventures and dreams was always there for me and between the two of us we both have some feelings for each other as well but we are just best friends and that's all. Anyway My name is April, April Conway and my family are the Conway's and my little brother's name is Tai and he's a pain in the butt at times but today he was busy with annoying me so much with a cops speaker came in my bedroom shouting at me to...

"Wake up, weenie, time to wake up." Tai said to me in a cop's speak phone to my ear.

I did wake up and grabbed to speak-phone out of his hands and throw it out of my bedroom's door and he like a dummy one went after it yelling to me on the way out.

"You are so mean to me, April." Tai yelling towards me.

"Yeah you better say that to yours big sister little punk." I said back at Tai.

Tai, he got blonde hair he's nine years old he way my younger age when I was into girls/boys stuffs I'm a toy-boyish/toy-girlish person to others but Tai got baby blue eyes and all the girls in his classes fall madly in love with him for his good looks I'm telling you all the girls in his middle school really do got a very bad and hot crush on my little brother so much all the girls were fighting for him one day on the playground in front of him so badly. Anyway his always annoying me and he won't be out of your business so you have to block him from yours room but he still get into my room from the air vents on the top where the ceiling is touching it. Tai is a little spy one time he got into my bedroom and I wasn't there but I was hiding in the closet he went over to my laptop and turn it on and started to search everything that I know about my friends and our family up and then I came out of the closet yelling towards him.

"Tai, stop looking at my stuffs on my computer and well you get out of my bedroom before something bad happenings to you now get out of here." I yelling towards him.

Tai restarted my computer up again and I was typing up a story but he restarted it and I was unhappy but I was happy that I writing it down in my notebook that was just sitting on my desk near the wall by my bathroom door so he wasn't seeing it because he was just on my laptop searching for things about my friends and both of ours families badly for something. He was so annoying but today he was going nuts with a lot of sugar inside him he was like kids when they first eat sugar candies from the stores every day after school he was like one of the kids who was eating candies and they talk up to a thousands each minute after eating candies and sweets. Tai slam his words together and it say just like this....


I was very confused now he was going nuts with the candies in this house he will having a sugar rush meltdown now.

To Be Continue......

I swear I will return to be continue this story please just read the Prologue the it will tell you what's this story is all about all right thank you and Adickson10193 signing off for now...

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